Utiltyx, a California upstart cybersecurity and data analytics software company announces the release of Grid Eye™ Cybersecurity platform.

Utiltyx today announces Grid Eye, a new cybersecurity platform. As reported by the government accountability office (GAO), the U.S. grid faces significant cybersecurity challenges.

The grid is becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks—particularly those involving industrial control systems that support grid operations. The increasing adoption of Internet of Things “smart” devices, renewables, distributed energy resources, and the use of the global positioning
system to synchronize grid operations are also vulnerabilities. 

“The Grid Eye™ Cybersecurity platform overcomes these challenges by helping Electric Utilities Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover from threats to industrial control systems such as SCADA and DA networks” said Daveed Sidhu, VP of Product Management. He went on to say “We are excited to announce that release 1.0 will include a deep analysis of industrial protocols DNP3 and Modbus followed up very shortly thereafter in subsequent release with the support of IEC 61850, IEEE 2030.5, attack surface monitoring, and many other key features.” 

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Utiltyx was formed with a vision to transform how security is addressed, network models are updated & visualized, and how Grid data is leveraged in providing Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive analytics in Power distribution. For more information about Utiltyx contact our Sales experts today.

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